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My friend and former Senate counsel Josh Riley just made a BIG announcement. Josh is running for Congress in New York’s 19th District -- a key district to taking back the House in 2024. 
The 2024 election will be the most important in our nation’s history. (with the possible exception of 1860). The Republican Party has stopped participating in good faith in the democratic process.
Tomorrow Wisconsin will be holding arguably the most important election in the nation this year -- one that will determine control of the state’s Supreme Court.
You may have received one or two or 20 “end-of-quarter” emails this week. That’s because it’s the end of the first full quarter of the 2024 election cycle.
I have a bit of a writing challenge here. (Unlike the other political emails you get, I actually write mine.) That’s why I’m really irked by the ones that start: “Personal.”

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