About MVP

We Fight for Middle Class Values & Democratic Candidates

What Does MVP do, exactly?

Midwest Values PAC raises money and gives it where we think it will do the most good. This past election cycle we had, modestly, a spectacular record of success! We gave to winning races for state secretaries of state, U.S. Senator, House, state legislature. 

In the 2022 election cycle in Minnesota we invested over $85,000.00 to support candidates–giving them the tools to campaign, building long-term digital infrastructure, and, of course, door knocking! Together we helped flip the state senate, giving Governor Walz a Democratic trifecta in the state legislature!)

But perhaps the best thing we did over the last two years was raise and give over $1.2 million to UNITE-HERE, the hospitality union, in NV, PA, GA, and AZ. Their ground game was key in our adding a seat in the Senate and winning key governor and secretary of state races.

So, Internet surfer – please consider joining the growing list of current MVP supporters by signing up below, or even better, clicking here and making a contribution.

MVP By the Numbers

Senator Franken’s Midwest Values PAC has contributed over three million dollars to Democrats in Minnesota and around the country. MVP will be even more active in Minnesota and around the country in the 2024 election cycle.

$ 3238500

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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