Midwest Values PAC supports candidates who share our values. We believe in economic and social justice, in the importance of education and the potential of clean energy, in accountability for the powerful and opportunity for everyone. We believe that elections offer a clear choice between two competing sets of values. And we believe that our values are worth fighting for.

Jobs and families: We believe in creating good jobs that pay fair wages, and in a strong economic safety net to keep families afloat during tough economic times.

Conservatives seek to return to an era of high deficits, high unemployment, tax breaks for the wealthy, and big handouts for corporate special interests. But we support policies that benefit the small business owners who create jobs, not the conglomerates that ship them overseas. We support investments in our infrastructure that put people to work. And we support basic research into new industries that could one day be the source of millions of good American jobs.

Health care: We believe that health care is a right and not a privilege, that patients should have the power in our health care system, and that no American should go bankrupt because they get sick or die because they can’t afford care.

Conservatives blocked health care reform for decades in order to preserve a status quo that let insurance company executives control our health care and made our system one of the most expensive and least efficient in the developed world. But we fought for and won passage of comprehensive health care reform, and we will defend it against conservatives’ efforts to repeal the new law. We support continued efforts to make health care available and affordable to every American.

Education: We believe that education is one of the smartest investments we can make in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Conservatives have long sought to short-change our schools or bury them in unfunded mandates. But we know that every child who doesn’t receive a quality education represents a tragic wasted opportunity. We support fully funding our schools, recruiting and rewarding great educators, and making college affordable for every American family.

Energy: We believe that our dependence on foreign oil is an economic and national security risk, and that clean American energy represents an enormous opportunity.

Conservatives are invested in protecting the rights of polluters and the profits of oil companies. But their refusal to address our energy crisis is costing us money, endangering our environment, and leaving us at the mercy of foreign interests. We support investing in clean energy technology that creates jobs, protects our environment, and finally puts Americans in control of our energy production.

Financial reform: We believe in accountability for Wall Street, transparency in our financial markets, and basic protections for American consumers.

Conservatives continue to resist efforts to crack down on the kind of greed and recklessness on Wall Street that resulted in millions of lost jobs on Main Street – along with billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bailouts and trillions of dollars in lost savings. We support meaningful reform that holds the big banks accountable for the risks they take and the mistakes they make. We support putting an end to taxpayer bailouts. And we support consumer protection initiatives that empower Americans to make smart decisions about their family finances and stop the worst scams and rip-offs entirely.

Equality: We believe that, in America, who you are shouldn’t determine what you can do – in school, at work, or in our society.

Conservatives have opposed efforts to end discrimination in America. But basic equality is not open to compromise. We support cracking down on employers who pay women less and insurance companies that charge them more. We support efforts to eliminate vestiges of racial discrimination. And we support equality for LGBT Americans – in the workplace, in our military, and in marriage.