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Well, tonight is a doubleheader: The Fox News Republican Candidates Debate — minus former President Donald J. Trump — and the Tucker Carlson interview with Trump, who seems to be the frontrunner for the nomination.
Voters in the Buckeye State voted by a 14-percentage point margin to defeat a ballot initiative that would have required a supermajority of 60% to change the state constitution. 
This Sunday, it will be 58 years since July 30, 1965 — the day LBJ signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. Two days before, it had passed the Senate 70-24. Seventeen Republicans voted against it.
I’ve often said that I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.
Tomorrow is the last day of the quarter. Before you say, “Here comes another end-of-quarter email” — wait!

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