The Senate’s immigration bill

The bipartisan group of senators that has been working for months finally released its immigration bill. It is not a bill I would have written, but our immigration system has been broken and overwhelmed for years, and this bill at least addresses the chaos we have been seeing at our southern border.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has told Republicans in Congress that he doesn’t want them to pass this bill. Why? Because he wants to have an immigration crisis on the ballot this fall.

So, Speaker Mike Johnson has announced that the House will not take up the bill, which is tied to supplemental aid to Ukraine. And that House Republicans will not take up any separate bill to fund Ukraine.

I have warned of the damage Trump would do if he became President. Well, he’s already doing it right now. We absolutely must fund Ukraine!

Joe Biden put together the alliance that is funding the war in Ukraine. Our NATO allies are funding Ukraine, as is the European Union. But if the United States doesn’t do its part, it will only be a matter of time before Ukraine falls.

Putin is Hitler. This is the first cross-border invasion in Europe since World War II. If the West doesn’t stop Putin here, he won’t stop.

It is absolutely essential that we defeat Trump.

As we did last cycle, and the cycle before, Midwest Values PAC will be funding critical elections around the country — heck, we’ve already started — and ground game operations in the battleground states.

The stakes have never been higher. Please help us beat this guy!


P.S. This perfunctory P.S. doesn’t feel so perfunctory right now. And may not again all the way through to November. 

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