Trump Destroying Democracy Out of the Gate

We knew that Trump would be a threat to democracy if he became president again. We didn’t figure on him being a threat quite this soon. 

Trump wants the Senate immigration bill, painstakingly negotiated between Republicans and Democrats, to go away. The bill would be a balanced measure designed to limit immigration but bolster our egregiously overwhelmed amnesty process. Not perfect by anyone’s measure, but a step forward. 

Trump wants the issue, not progress toward addressing the problem. Further complicating the matter is that aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan is tied to the bill.

Speaker Johnson is now indicating that the immigration bill will not pass the House and that the aid to those three will not pass without an immigration bill. This sells out all three but is especially egregious for Ukraine, which has been fighting for two years against a superpower, Putin’s Russia.

This is Neville Chamberlain and Sudetenland. Putin won’t stop with Ukraine.

As we have before, MVP will be contributing to ground game operations in battleground states. We have given or raised more than $3 million to support organizing efforts all over the country, including in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. With your help, we want to blow the roof off those numbers and do everything we can to go big in those states this year, and add a Wisconsin or a Michigan to the mix. (Or specifically, Wisconsin and Michigan.)


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