The November election is about Biden and Trump. One will be president on January 20, 2025, and one won’t.

Not long ago on CNN, I quoted two former high-level Trump administration officials about their former boss:

“The depths of his dishonesty is astonishing to me…he is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.”
John Kelly
Secretary of Homeland Security
White House Chief of Staff

“He is more dangerous than anyone could ever imagine.”
James Mattis
Secretary of Defense

As Abby Phillip, the show’s host, pointed out, both men have spoken out just a couple of times. I agreed, and added that for their views to have any real meaning, they have to speak out again and again and again (and again) until November.

Here’s the clip:

Midwest Values PAC is not in the business of shaming these two patriots into doing their patriotic duty. After all, they are both retired four-star generals. But, Jesus, the stakes are so high.

So, I will continue to badger them in the hopes that they (and other former Trump appointees) create the narrative that we know is true. That Donald Trump is a threat to democracy and to our national security.



P.S. Meanwhile, MVP will continue our mission to help elect Democrats around the country and with a focus on battleground states.

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