The Events in Israel

Dear Friend,

I wanted to reach out and acknowledge the recent horrors in Israel. The unthinkable atrocities committed by Hamas have been barbaric beyond belief. Our hearts break for the victims, their families, and the nation of Israel.

What lies ahead undoubtedly will be further carnage and unbearable grief for innocents.

As a Jew born in 1951, I grew up at a time when Zionism provided a much-needed sanctuary to a people who had been subjected to an unspeakable genocide.

As an adult, I have always believed that only a two-state solution can bring peace to the region. Unfortunately, that day seems further away than ever. 

The only thing bringing me a modicum of solace is that Joe Biden is leading our country at this time and not Donald Trump. Biden’s decades of foreign policy experience, his knowledge of the world and region, and his steady leadership in the war in Ukraine contrast to Trump’s fondness for dictators.

You may remember that Trump described Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “genius” and “savvy.” In May, Trump said that, as president, he would end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours. The only way to do that would be to hand Ukraine over to Putin.

Midwest Values PAC will continue to do everything we can to make sure that Donald Trump is never given that chance.

Please keep the people of Israel, the hostages in Gaza, and the innocents there as well in your hearts and prayers.  


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