Putin is Hitler.

House Republicans now seem to be on the verge of cutting off the best investment we can make in our country and in the world — aid to Ukraine.

We have spent just 3% of our nation’s military budget helping the Ukrainians fight this existential battle for its survival and Europe’s security — and ultimately our own. And we have not had to risk even one life of a member of America’s armed forces in doing so.

Recently, I had Anne Applebaum of The Atlantic Monthly on my podcast, and she described what is happening in Ukraine as genocide. When Russians have occupied Ukrainian towns, they track down Ukrainians who identify themselves as Ukrainian, who speak Ukrainian, and who have sided with their country and torture and kill them. They have sent tens of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia to turn them into Russians.

Putin is Hitler.

Whatever your politics, this one is too important. Most Senate Republicans have by and large supported funding this war. But now a dozen have refused to vote for the latest package. 

Midwest Values PAC is dedicated to winning elections. And supporting members of Congress who support Ukraine. And opposing those who don’t.

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P.S. Please write to your member of Congress, especially if she or he is considering cutting off aid to Ukraine and tell them how important their vote is to you. I am not telling you to lie to them and tell them that you’re a Republican. That’s your choice.

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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