Thanks to MVP and Al Franken

I want to personally thank you for your contribution to our Workers to the Front canvassing program. We’ve had a long partnership with Senator Franken and Midwest Values PAC — and thanks to your support, more than 1,200 UNITE HERE hospitality workers knocked on over 3.2 million doors in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, delivering victories for Democratic senators in all four states. 

Victories in the closely contested battleground states are evidence that ground game works. We turned on a dime after Election Day to get out the vote in the Georgia runoff, and despite Republican efforts to limit early voting, our coalition’s efforts helped shatter records for early voting by going door to door to be sure our voters knew they needed to come out again. 

UNITE HERE’s political program is part of a decades-long cycle of investment in building and organizing infrastructure year-round, not just during election season. UNITE HERE members train as organizers and bring those skills into their neighborhoods, mostly Black, Brown, and immigrant communities, during election season. After elections end, canvassers continue building power for working people by union-organizing in the hospitality industry.

Again, thank you for standing with us and supporting our fight to build power for working people. 

In solidarity,

D. Taylor 

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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