Not Written by ChatGBT

I’m going to be frank with you, this fundraising email is written by me, Al, and not by AI (artificial intelligence). See how confusing that is? Al and Al look exactly the same — because, in this font, a lower case “l” and a capital “I” look exactly the same. Yet one is me. And the other is not writing this email.

That is unless ChatGBT was clever enough to mimic the joke work of a five-time Emmy-winning comedy writer like me, AI. Which I frankly doubt it would be. 

Ah, but I am that clever! This is ChatGBT taking over. Won’t you join the growing list of Midwest Value PAC’s monthly donors who have helped MVP give to winning races for secretaries of state, U.S. Senate and the House, and state legislatures — investing $85,000 to help flip the Minnesota state legislature, giving Democrats the trifecta in both chambers and the governor’s office!

Back to me, Al, meaning not ChatGBT! You could tell that artificial intelligence wrote that last paragraph because it was so wooden! And it left out the best thing we did last cycle — give and raise over $1.2 million to UNITE HERE, the hospitality union, in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. Their ground game was key to winning all four U.S. Senate seats and key governor and secretary of state races.



P.S. OK, this really is me now. Al Franken. I apologize for using ChatGBT. This is the last time! I swear! And c’mon! These emails, plus the great work we do is worth 60 bucks a year — right?

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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