“Shithole Countries”

This weekend Trump threw a fundraiser at the mansion of a hedge-fund billionaire that supposedly raised $50 million. But who knows? Word leaked from the fundraiser that Trump complained again that America keeps getting immigrants from so-called “shithole countries” like Haiti and Yemen. Why aren’t the tired and poor from countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway coming to our shores?  

Could it be that Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians have things like universal health care, a year of family leave for each child, and free day care up to age 6? That’s why they sometimes think of us as a shithole country.

Of course, Democrats — hell, Americans — want universal health care, supplemented child care, and paid family leave. And maybe we’d get a few Norwegians or Danes coming here if we did a few of those things. Of course, this means we’d have to fix the tax code so the very wealthy actually pay their fair share.

But thanks to Citizens United and Shelby County, our campaign finance system and the unfairness of our election laws favor the rich and powerful — i.e. the Republican party.

November’s election will be an inflection point. Will we become an easier or harder place for most Americans to live? Will we become a fairer or more burdensome place for most Americans to live?

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P.S. Imagine living in a country where the campaign finance system isn’t rigged for the wealthy, where registering to vote and voting are easy, and where partisan gerrymandering is illegal. This is all actually possible, you know!

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