God Bless Donald Trump’s Bible

Here’s something you don’t want to get: Donald Trump’s “God Bless the USA Bible.”

It’s $59.99.

When you donate 60 bucks to Midwest Values PAC, you don’t get a Bible. And if you did get a Bible, it wouldn’t have the New Testament. Actually, I haven’t thought that through. Probably because I have no intention of selling Bibles. Just winning elections.

Is it ironic that Trump is selling Bibles right before his hush money trial? Sure. Adult film actress Stormy Daniels, ex-fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen, and Playboy model Karen McDougal are set to testify. Will Trump testify? Oh, I hope so. I want to see the Bible burst into flames when he puts his hand on it.

But more importantly, I want Democrats to win elections around the country. Including the Big One: re-electing President Joe Biden.

This is a scary time. We all need to work toward the goal that Trump loses. And that we keep the Senate and take the House. And elect Democrats for state office. That’s why I write these letters.


P.S. I’ve decided that if I sold the Bible — which I won’t — I’d sell one with the New Testament and one without it. As my Rabbi used to say: “Jesus said a lot of great things. None of them original.”

P.P.S. That was a joke my Rabbi used to tell.

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