Re: Redacted email

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, I would occasionally go down to the SCIF in the basement of the Capitol to read classified documents. Unlike Donald Trump, I never took the documents home. Bastard! xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxx 

Now, a Trump-appointed judge has decided to grind the investigation of the hundreds of classified documents to a halt even xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      xxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxx  xxxxx xxxxxx

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX President Biden is right. This election is about the future of our democracy. That’s why Midwest Values PAC is investing in U.S. Senate races, secretary of state races, and governor races in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXX, and Minnesota.

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