Fun Labor Day Reading!

Well, it’s Labor Day weekend. Time for me to lay back, relax, and write another fundraising email for Midwest Values PAC!

All joking aside, there’s a serious message here. Which is that Labor Day is about labor. Labor built our middle class. Labor gave us the weekend. And the 40-hour work week. I am a member of two labor unions – The WGA (Writers Guild of America) and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of TV and Radio Artists). Thank God!

I get a pension from both! The WGA provides my secondary health insurance. If you guessed that my primary insurer is Medicare, then you’re smart enough to keep reading!

Also, I get residuals! Remember Trading Places? I was Stoned Baggage Handler Number One. (Tom Davis was Stoned Baggage Handler Number Two.) Funny story. Those were our characters in the script, and there was a scene where Tom and I smoked a joint. But later in the shoot, they decided that Eddie Murphy’s character should smoke a joint. So, our joint-smoking scene got cut out, and instead of Stoned Baggage Handlers One and Two, we look like Amazingly Stupid Baggage Handler Numbers One and Two.

See? You don’t get this kind of fundraising email from Richard Blumenthal!

But I digress. The point is Democrats are pro-union. I served on the Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee, and let me tell you, Republicans are anti-union!

As you know, MVP is strategically targeting our (your) resources to win victories in key races in key states. We need to hold the Senate and the House. We need to elect (and re-elect) pro-labor governors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I hope you can help!


P.S. I know what you’re thinking. Must be nice getting those pension checks and all those residuals! OK! Be that way!

P.P.S. That was the worst P.S. I’ve written you guys. I’m just in a bad mood because I had to work on Labor Day and write this damn email. Could you make it all worth my while?

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