I was great on CNN

This past Saturday I was on Jim Acosta’s CNN show with CNN commentator Alice Stewart, a former campaign strategist for Republicans like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman, and Ted Cruz.

The subject was The Supreme Court. Vice President Harris had questioned the integrity of the Court. Soon after, Chief Justice Roberts spoke publicly for the first time since the Court overturned Roe. Roberts said it was wrong for people to question the legitimacy of the Court just because they disagree with its opinions.

As you see in this CLIP, I took issue with the Chief Justice by pointing out that what has undermined the Court’s legitimacy was the blocking of Merrick Garland and the seating of Justice Coney Barrett just a week before the 2020 election.

The exchange underscores the importance of these midterm elections. The Senate is up for grabs. The only reason the Senate was able to hold hearings for and confirm now-Justice Katanji Brown Jackson was that we held the slimmest majority in a 50-50 Senate.

Midwest Values PAC is doing everything we can to hold onto and build upon that majority. We are supporting key races in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Wisconsin.

I will be in Wisconsin Oct. 5-8 to campaign and fundraise for Mandela Barnes and the rest of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Your support makes that possible.

It is absolutely crucial that we keep the majority in the US Senate so that President Biden can continue to nominate, and the Senate confirm federal judges who aren’t beholden to the Federalist Society. And perhaps fill a vacancy left when it turns out that Clarence Thomas knew exactly what his wife was doing to try to steal the election.


P.S. As you know, I always include a P.S. as an excuse to make an additional ask. So…um, watch the CNN video again!

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