For more than three weeks House Republicans have left Congress leaderless and powerless.

As the Middle East threatens to metastasize and we dispatch two carrier groups to the Mediterranean, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville continues to block the confirmation of hundreds of top military officers.

Judges place gag orders on Donald Trump to prevent court officers from being assaulted by nutcase MAGA goons.

Could it be any clearer that today’s Republican party is out of control?  And yet, polls continue to show that next fall’s election is completely up in the air. And so is our democracy.

Midwest Values PAC is determined to do everything we can to prevent the nightmare that could very well happen if we all don’t mobilize our resources to win elections next fall at every level.



P.S. Do I sound alarmed? Think about this. Trump won in 2016 because of third parties like Jill Stein’s Green Party. With Cornell West and Robert Kennedy Jr. both running, it will be absolutely crucial to have the resources to make the case for President Biden and Democrats up and down the ticket. Please pitch in!

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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