I Will Bathe in Expired Milk

This upcoming election is so important that I am willing to go to desperate ends to raise money to help Democrats win in key races — like bathing in expired milk.

I mean come on — the Republican candidate for president is on trial for 34 felony charges! Right now!

Today is the last day of the month, and since you’re on this email list I’m willing to bet you’re getting tons of urgent emails saying things like, “We’re so far from reaching our goal!” 

Well, we are so far from reaching our goal, too!

Midwest Values PAC just sent $165K of your contributions to support ground game operations in key states like North Carolina and Montana. 

We’ve also contributed to Ruben Gallego and Colin Allred’s Senate campaigns in Arizona and Texas.  (You remember Colin, right? The man tasked with taking down Cruz? Colin is an NFL linebacker turned civil rights lawyer turned Congressman!)

Your contributions will help us do more of that!


P.S. I am willing to debase myself in any legal way of your choosing to get rid of Ted Cruz. Please contribute!

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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