The Trial

Have you been following Trump’s trial? I have. It’s easy to get sucked into the drama, the legal analysis, and, sometimes, the comedy of it all.

It’s also much more palatable to follow a trial that has no real bearing on our lives versus thinking about this fall’s election which could impact us profoundly.

Scary or not, we can’t get caught with our heads in the sand.

Our real job is to do everything we can to see that Trump doesn’t win in November. Yes, according to polling, a guilty verdict will cost him votes. But following the trial closely won’t help convict him. Unless you’re a juror. (If you are a juror, thanks for any support you’ve given to Midwest Values PAC. Also, Trump is guilty.)

If you’re not a juror, you can use some of the time you might have spent paying attention to the Trump trial helping a campaign or your state or local Democratic party instead. By phone banking. Or door-knocking. That’s something that Midwest Values PAC supports by raising money and contributing to UNITE HERE, the hospitality union. Their members door-knock in battleground states. (Last cycle, they covered ground in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.) And they’ll be on the doors this fall persuading folks to vote for Biden and getting them to the polls.

I hope you can get off your butt and do something in this mind-blowingly critical election.



P.S. I apologize for the “get off your butt.” But… well, do something! Like…

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