Trump is so sick

The choice in 2024 is really scary. 

It was a scary proposition in 2020 but round two is even scarier. Donald Trump’s not making a big secret about his motives — he says it’s about revenge. He promised a “bloodbath” if he doesn’t win.

This is an existential threat to our democracy.

Trump is on trial right now and still, it’s not just plausible that he could win a second term — it is a 50-50 proposition!

This race is going to be about contrast. (I’ve read the polling — that’s what is moving folks.) MVP is on a mission to educate voters on the differences between four more years of Biden and god knows how many more years of Trump.

The end-of-month deadline is tomorrow, so of course I’m going to ask you to contribute. So we can send money to key battlegrounds! So we can flip the House! So we can hold the Senate! And so we can re-elect Biden!


P.S. Even if the end-of-month deadline wasn’t tomorrow, I’d still ask you for money because it’s getting scarier and scarier out there!

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