Holy Crap!

The 2024 election will be the most important in our nation’s history. (with the possible exception of 1860). The Republican Party has stopped participating in good faith in the democratic process.

In case you haven’t noticed we live in a very divided country.

  • On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters elected a progressive to the state Supreme Court by 11 percentage points, giving the court a Democratic majority for the first time in 15 years!  The main issue? Abortion. Now, with a 4-3 majority, they could overturn the draconian 1849 law banning virtually all abortions the Republican legislature had adopted immediately after Dobbs.

  • Oddly, that same day, Wisconsin Republicans picked up a seat in the state legislature in a special election to fill a vacancy in a very Republican district, giving them the exact number of state senators and representatives they need to — get this — impeach a Supreme Court justice!!! Now GOP state legislators have proposed that they impeach a Supreme Court justice before she’s sworn in!

  • On Friday, federal judges in Texas and Washington state issued contradictory rulings on abortion drug mifepristone, creating a standoff destined for the Supreme Court that reversed Roe.

  • The day before, Tennessee Republicans expelled two black Democrats from the state legislature! For supporting young protesters peacefully demonstrating for gun reform after six people, including three children, were killed by an assault weapon in their school.

  • Also, last week, Georgia Republican state legislators proposed new rules that would allow them to fire county prosecutors. Like, say, Fani Willis, the Fulton County DA who has spent the last two years investigating Republican attempts to overturn Biden’s 2020 victory there. 

  • One of those Willis has been investigating, Donald Trump, had just been indicted the Thursday before in New York, then flew down to Mar-a-Lago to give a speech full of vitriol, lies, distortions, and general bullshit. Thereby firming his grip on his third straight presidential nomination from a Republican Party that has become crazier and crazier.


Midwest Values PAC is dedicated to flipping the U.S. House and holding the Senate. It is impossible to see ahead a year-and-a-half, but the former should be easy and the latter very difficult.

We are dedicated to picking up even more state legislatures than we did in 2022. And governorships and state legislatures. Including in Virginia next fall.

It’s getting scarier and scarier out there. Really!!!


P.S. This one doesn’t need a P.S. really. It’s that bad! But… tradition!

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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