Essential Pick-Up Op in WI.

Tomorrow Wisconsin will be holding arguably the most important election in the nation this year — one that will determine control of the state’s Supreme Court. Everything from abortion to the outcome of the 2024 presidential race may well hinge on whether right-wing Dan Kelly or progressive Janet Protasiewicz wins on Tuesday. Either Kelly or Janet Protasiewicz will become the deciding vote in a 5-4 court that has been controlled by conservatives for 15 years. It is absolutely essential that Janet Protasiewicz wins!

For those of you who live in Wisconsin, this is a no-brainer. Vote. And bring a family member and friend or two.

As many of you know, Midwest Values PAC has been supporting the Wisconsin Democratic Party for years and this race is no exception.  We hope that you can continue to support MVP, so that we can continue to support our continuous effort to turn the tide in Wisconsin politics.

It is hard to overstate how important this race is.

Wisconsin has been a key battleground state in each of the past two presidentials — with Trump winning the state by just 0.77% in 2016 and Biden by 0.7% in 2020. Yet, in 2020, the Wisconsin Supreme Court came within just one vote of not certifying Biden’s victory.

Since the disastrous 2010 midterm election in Wisconsin, which followed the scandalous demagoguing of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have been able to cripple public unions; reject Medicaid expansion; write and pass election laws to make it harder for students, the poor, and minority groups to vote; and gerrymander both state and federal electoral maps to their advantage.

A new court will finally have the opportunity to redo the egregiously gerrymandered state legislature map, the most lopsided map in the nation. Right now, Democrats must win the popular vote throughout the state by 10 full percentage points just to have a 50-50 shot at taking the state legislature!

Last fall I campaigned in Wisconsin. Specifically, to raise money for this very effort. I was immensely impressed with Judge Janet, and, more importantly, so are Wisconsinites. She currently holds a six-point lead in the polls.

The Wisconsin state party, led by my friend Ben Wikler, has been focused on this baby for a long time, and it is ours to win.

Please vote, if you can, and give as much as you can!



P.S. And we can anticipate legal challenges from the Republicans no matter the margin. So, please give. I can tell you from experience how much those cost.

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