Holidays are a time for family

The holidays are a time for family. So, please read this fundraising letter to your family.

Hi, family member! In case you haven’t had the pleasure of reading these — here’s my schtick: These are fundraising emails disguised as parodies of fundraising emails. So much for the disguise!

Like your family member (and probably you), I get literally millions of fundraising emails myself. And by literally, I mean figuratively. Most of them start with stuff like: “Personal,” or “I’ll be frank,” or “We just need $7,013 by 5 p.m.!”

That’s why you don’t open them. But mine you do.

Then, I’ll tell you what Midwest Values PAC does. We raise money and give it where we think it will do the most good. This cycle we had, modestly, a spectacular record of success! We gave to winning races for secretaries of state, U.S. Senate and House, and state legislature. In Minnesota, we invested over $85,000 to support candidates — giving them the tools to campaign, build long-term digital infrastructure, and of course, door-knock! Together we helped flip the state senate, giving Governor Walz a Democratic trifecta in the state legislature!

But perhaps the best thing we did over the last two years was raise and give over $1.2 million to UNITE HERE, the hospitality union, in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. Their ground game was key in our adding a seat in the Senate and winning key governor and secretary of state races.

So, family member — please consider joining the growing list of current MVP supporters.

And have a great holiday season!


P.S. For those of you reading one of these for the first time — I always add a superfluous P.S. in order to make another ask.

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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