Bullet to the Groin

This past Election Day, we successfully dodged a bullet that was intended for the groin of our very democracy. I’m sorry. The heart.

Voters defeated six election-denier candidates who would have gained authority over administering and certifying elections in five pivotal battleground states. In Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan — voters rejected nutcase secretary of state candidates, including Arizona Oath Keeper, Mark Finchem.

And Democrats defeated three dangerous MAGA gubernatorial candidates, including Kari Lake, who is still challenging her defeat, texting: “Arizonans know B.S. when they see it.” Yes, they do, Kari. And that’s why you lost.

Bullet dodged? Well, yeah — that one.

But the 6-3 Supreme Court has taken a case from North Carolina, Moore v. Harper, that threatens to give state legislatures complete power to gerrymander, suppress voters, administer, and certify federal and state elections without any review from state courts. This would allow Republican state legislatures in 2024 to do what they were unable to do in 2020 — overturn the presidential election.

Midwest Values PAC is committed to safeguarding election integrity and safeguarding our democracy. We’ve supported candidates at every level of state and federal government — including in these battleground states.

I hope you can continue your support of MVP. This crap never stops. And neither will we.


P.S. I know that this conceit of putting in a superfluous P.S. keeps getting funnier and funnier for all of you. Well … for some.

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