My grandparents’ immigration story

Donald Trump and Republican politicians portray immigrants as murderers and rapists and drug dealers. Republican voters get a steady diet of the supposed carnage caused by immigrants fed to them by Fox News. It’s the only side of immigration they hear.

The six men who died when the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor collapsed were originally from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Co-workers described them as hard-working and kind family men. They were making repairs to the surface of the bridge.  

The fact is that we need immigrants. They add to our economy, raise families, and enrich our culture just like the immigrants who have come to start new lives throughout our country’s history.

We need real solutions for immigration — and we got closer to that with the bipartisan bill that was ready to pass in the Senate… before Trump got the Republicans to abandon it because he wanted to keep immigration as an issue during the election. How cynical is that? This is what we have to root out!

Midwest Values PAC supports only Democrats and independents who caucus with Democrats. We are helping them keep the Senate and win back the House. And we will support ground game in the battleground states to re-elect President Biden.


P.S. My grandparents came to this country from Germany and Russia in the 1890s. The Russian side fled to escape the pogroms. Now, my four grandchildren are proud fourth-generation Americans. I don’t know what they’ll grow up to be, except definitely Democrats.

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