NOT an ANNOYING request for a political contribution!

You’re probably getting a lot of requests for money right now. For good candidates and good incumbents. But do you really know who to give to? Who’s definitely going to win anyway without your donation? Who’s definitely going to lose? Do you really know the most effective use of your hard-earned dollars?  


You’re part of a list of my supporters. And for that I am grateful. And some of you are pretty sophisticated. You may be right on top of who can win in your state legislative district, for your state secretary of state, governor, member of Congress, U.S. Senator, etc. Good for you! Give directly to them! And thanks for caring and paying attention! Also, go out and get on the doors!!! 

But others of you might not have the time to be a political junkie. Maybe you have kids. Or grandkids. Or a passion that you’re pursuing that’s doing you and people around you some good. God fucking bless you!!!

It’s my job — and my team’s — to figure out who to support, where to direct resources. And who I like!

I have biases. I like progressives who can win. I like progressives who get things done when they’re in office.

I like ground game. Often, we will give to a candidate (say, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Josh Shapiro who is running for governor against Republican nutcase Doug Mastriano) but also give to the state Democratic Party and the hospitality union, UNITE HERE, to help on statewide ground game.

We’re doing the same in Nevada, where Catherine Cortez Masto is in the fight of her life. In fact, we’re all over the place — Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and, of course, Minnesota.

There’s so much at stake in this cycle. The winds have been shifting in our favor of late. Let’s keep it going!  


P.S. Many of you suspect that I always put in a P.S. just to insert another “ask.” Congratulations! You’re right!

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