Fear is a terrible emotion

Fear is a terrible emotion! And this Halloween things are scarier than ever! Republicans have given us a terrifying House, and as Stuart Smalley would tell you, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a dysfunctional House.

Mike Johnson, the new House Speaker, is a MAGA ghoul who voted to decertify the 2020 election!!!

Scary?! You bet! But get this, he was a lawyer who worked on Trump’s first impeachment legal team! And not long ago Johnson voted against funding to keep the government open!

Midwest Values PAC doesn’t want your candy! We want your financial support so that next fall we can flip the House, keep the Senate, and return Joe Biden to the White House. 

So, no candy.


P.S. I hope this email didn’t frighten you. I’m LYING!!!! This guy and these MAGA Republicans want to eat your brains!!! And only MVP can stop them!!!!

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