Shame on You!

For last month’s fundraising deadline, I offered to humiliate myself physically and emotionally — and it was one of my most successful fundraising emails this year!

Pity the Fool!

May 21st marks the birthday of Mr. T and, also, me. Pity the fool who doesn’t see this as the perfect opportunity to support Midwest Values PAC in our effort to make sure November 5th is a happy day for us all.

The Trial

Have you been following Trump’s trial? I have. It’s easy to get sucked into the drama, the legal analysis, and, sometimes, the comedy of it all.

I Will Bathe in Expired Milk

This upcoming election is so important that I am willing to go to desperate ends to raise money to help Democrats win in key races — like bathing in expired milk.

Trump is so sick

Donald Trump’s not making a big secret about his motives — he says it’s about revenge. He promised a “bloodbath” if he doesn’t win.

My Opening Argument

Yesterday the prosecution and defense gave their opening arguments in what appears to be the only case against Trump that will go to trial before the election.


Stormy Daniels received a check from Michael Cohen for $130,000. To shut up. Cohen also paid $50,000 to Trump’s doorman who had (bogus) information on a supposed love child Trump fathered.

Why I’m asking for $32:

As you no doubt know, Arizona’s Supreme Court resurrected an abortion ban from 1864 (before it was a state!) that bans all abortions with an exception for the life of the mother. (Generous of them.)

“Shithole Countries”

This weekend Trump threw a fundraiser at the mansion of a hedge-fund billionaire that supposedly raised $50 million. But who knows?

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