My old nemesis, Ted Cruz.

Well, it’s the end of the month, which means you’re getting an end-of-the-month email from me. But this isn’t just any end-of-the-month email.


Sorry to call you vermin. But if you support Midwest Values PAC, I guess you are one of us.

Spike in positive endorphins

When I read last week’s New York Times’ polling of the 2024 battleground states, I was really discouraged. And I’m sure you were, too.

Fear is a terrible emotion

Fear is a terrible emotion! And this Halloween things are scarier than ever! Republicans have given us a terrifying House, and as Stuart Smalley would tell you, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a dysfunctional House.


As the Middle East threatens to metastasize and we dispatch two carrier groups to the Mediterranean, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville continues to block the confirmation of hundreds of top military officers.

Putin is Hitler.

House Republicans now seem to be on the verge of cutting off the best investment we can make in our country and in the world — aid to Ukraine.

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