What Your Dollars Did in Minnesota is a Miracle!

This email may be slightly longer than my typical one, but only because it includes a staggering list of accomplishments by the Democratic Farmer Labor party this session in the Minnesota state legislature and signed by our DFL Governor Tim Walz.

By the way, you, arguably, made all this happen. And I will explain after you read the list.

Here goes:

How did you — arguably — make all this happen? Well, Midwest Values PAC spent $100K in Minnesota — the lion’s share on state Senate races. AND WE CONTROL THE STATE SENATE BY ONE SEAT!!!

Let me tell you what your dollars did. We spent $30,000 on Tech for Campaigns, an outfit that helps *state Senate* candidates with their digital platforms — their website, emails, etc. We won one seat by 321 votes. Another, where we flipped a seat.

We won the closest state Senate race by 321 votes. Of course, I campaigned for candidates, including Grant Hauschild, who flipped District 3, winning by 704 votes. (Neither of these was as close as my first Senate victory — 312 votes out of nearly 2.9 million.)

But my narrow victory gave us the Affordable Care Act. And you can see what these narrow victories have done for the people of Minnesota.

With gratitude,


P.S. Sorry for the long email.  But there is soooooo much to celebrate. And I am happy to be able to give you the good news of what our effort (teamed with those of so many others) has yielded. So, keep giving! There’s plenty of *victories* ahead to win and celebrate!

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