Trumped up charges (against the Bidens)

The House Republicans’ desperate attempt to impeach President Biden hit (fool’s) gold when FBI informant Alexander Smirnov told the FBI that…

“… The oligarch owner of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma had arranged to pay $5 million bribes to both President Biden and his son Hunter. The explosive claim was leaked to Republicans, who made Mr. Smirnov’s allegations a centerpiece of their now-stalled effort to impeach President Biden, apparently without verifying the allegation.” [New York Times]

Until… two weeks ago, Mr. Smirnov, 43, was indicted on charges that he lied to investigators about the Bidens, and, because he is a flight risk, currently resides in prison.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump faces four indictments and 91 charges, which he claims are trumped up by Democratic prosecutors. That, plus the multiple civil cases that are dogging him. Oh, and he also owes roughly a half-billion dollars in judgments against him in the E. Jean Carroll case and the New York financial fraud case.

Who to believe?

Well, you’d think an innocent man would want to go to trial as soon as possible to prove his innocence. Instead, Trump has his lawyers throwing everything in the book at delaying trials.

After President Biden’s brilliant performance at the State of the Union, and with the bumpy ride ahead for Trump, the American people will get a chance to take their measure of both men. 

As the contrast between Biden and Trump becomes more stark, I hope more Americans understand that the stakes couldn’t be higher this year. 

We’ve got a long seven months ahead of us. And we’re not leaving anything to chance. Midwest Values PAC is already donating to key races and institutions that are building the foundation for this election and we’ll put smart money into battleground states like we did in 2020 and 2022.



P.S. Will Trump testify in the Stormy Daniels payoff trial? Given his penchant for lying, Trump’s lawyers may want to keep him off the stand. But I very badly want him to testify so that when he puts his hand on the Bible, I can see it burst into flames.

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