Such bullshit

Can the same man have both “photographic recall” and also appear to be a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory?” 

He can if he’s being described by Robert Hur, the Special Counsel who decided not to charge President Biden in the classified documents case.

The first statement was buried in the transcripts of Hur’s two days of interviews with Biden. The second quote ended up on the first page of Hur’s report.

Something tells me that Hur, a Republican, may have had an agenda — one designed to hurt Biden and help Donald Trump.  

If you, like I, watched Biden’s State of the Union address this past week, you saw an 81-year-old man who was on his game. Does he sometimes make gafs? I’m sorry. Gaffes?

So does Donald Trump. For example, which man said this week that he would make cuts in entitlement programs? That would be Trump. Unless you believe his spokesperson who said later that he meant only “cuts in waste.”

Every Republican in Washington is going to put their hand on the scale to help Trump — Hur is just the beginning (or the continuation). Our goal at Midwest Values PAC is to counteract that weight as much as we can. 

Thanks to help from you (or folks like you, until you click on the DONATE button), we’re already able to fight back. 

I hope you can help.


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