Trump and Russia: A Tragic Love Story

Two weeks ago Trump said he would “encourage” Russia to attack NATO countries not pulling their weight.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump compared his criminal indictments to Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment and death in the Gulag.

Currently House Republicans are taking a recess instead of passing funding for Ukraine’s war with Russia. And they refused to vote on a BIPARTISAN border bill negotiated in the Senate, a strong border bill which they had insisted was necessary to pass appropriations for Ukraine. They are doing neither.

It’s clear that Trump is calling the shots, and that he has the whole Republican Party under his control. If you were worried about what bullshit can happen if he becomes president, you don’t really have to wait.

Trump will dictate all policy and install his own actual deep state in the bowels of the government — one that has a very different agenda than the professionals there now. And his lieutenants and generals will be Jeffrey Clark, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and lesser-known monsters that populate the Republican swamp. No Mattises, no Kellys — just reliable right-wing lieutenants to run the government’s underbelly.

We can’t afford another Trump term. It will be much worse than the first one. He learned a lot in four years and will hit the ground running — or, rather, destroying.


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