A long email about Mike Johnson’s spectacular embarrassments

Rookie GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson has been on quite the losing streak in recent weeks. 

Not only did Republicans reject their own immigration bill because Trump told them to kill it, Johnson also was surprised by back-to-back legislative defeats that were called “a spectacular embarrassment,” “a busted gambit,” and “truly one of the most embarrassing days in recent House GOP history.” And there have been A LOT of those for this House majority.

A little over 100 days into his tenure as Speaker, Johnson has been called a “laughing stock” and, my favorite, “an especially submissive toady of Donald Trump.”

This is the same guy who…

  • Helped in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election
  • Served on Trump’s legal team during his first impeachment
  • Wants a national abortion ban
  • Blamed school shootings on abortion and teaching evolution in classrooms
  • Introduced a “Don’t Say Gay”-inspired bill to ban gender and sexual orientation education in schools
  • Voted against a bill that protects the right to same-sex and interracial marriages

That’s a lot, right?

We should have a Speaker who’s at least a little qualified and not a total MAGA goon. That’s one of the (many) reasons MVP is helping a bunch of great Democrats on the ballot in 2024 so we can flip the House and elect a new Speaker. After Johnson and Kevin McCarthy, the bar for improvement is pretty low!

And that’s not to mention all the work we’re doing to fund ground-game operations in battleground states so we can defeat Trump, expand our Senate majority, and win a bunch of state legislative and gubernatorial races.


P.S. Here’s one more fact about Johnson that might not come as a surprise now that you’ve read his long track record of spectacular embarrassments: He’s the least experienced Speaker in 140 years. Let’s get rid of him!

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