The Obscene GOP Debate

Did you watch the GOP debate? Lots to talk about, but I want to focus on just one subject. Abortion. Particularly, late-term abortion.

So, this will not be one of my “funny” emails. And I hope you’re not thinking – oh, I didn’t realize any of them were “funny.” Well, to hell with you!

During the debate, and for years now, Republicans keep repeating this obscene canard – that Democrats favor abortion all the way up to (and even after) birth.

Not only is that not true – they know it’s not true. At least a number of them on that stage knew that. But wouldn’t say it. Because they would have been eaten alive by the audience.

I had this discussion with a Catholic priest once. He, of course, was against abortion. I asked him, “Say you’re 17 weeks pregnant and you learn that the fetus isn’t viable. And carrying the baby to term, will jeopardize your ability to have another baby. Isn’t the ‘pro-life’ choice to abort the fetus so that you can bring into this world another child or more?”

The priest agreed with me.

No woman deliberately waits to have an abortion late in the term when it is more painful, expensive, can jeopardize her reproductive health, and may very well be illegal.

But this is what we are up against. Midwest Values PAC supports only pro-choice candidates.

Please help us in this fight.


P.S. Until Dobbs, this used to be a “single-issue” winner for them. Now it’s a loser for them. Let’s keep taking the fight to them like we have in Montana, Ohio, Kansas, and Kentucky.

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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