Is it possible? Speaker Jim Jordan?

Why not?

He just announced that he’s running to replace former Speaker… Jesus, I forgot his name already!

McCarthy! Kevin McCarthy! The first Speaker to be ousted by a House vote. EVER.

All this points to the importance of the next election, don’t you think? Especially in the House. With the Senate map looking very challenging, it is absolutely essential that we take back the House. Which is extremely doable.

First of all, the margin is now four. We need to pick up five seats. And the display we’ve seen from this Republican House should make that easy. Midwest Values PAC plans to spend heavily on House races all over the country.


I’ll give you an example. My former judiciary counsel, Josh Riley, ran in New York’s 19th district. He lost by 1.6%, despite running 6% ahead of Gov. Kathy Hochul. 

Josh will win this time. With MVP’s help and with mine personally. And I predict we will win enough seats in New York to flip the House. Does the name George Santos ring a bell?


The American people are looking at this shitshow — pardon my language, but it is a giant shitshow — in the House and don’t want it. Voters want a functional government — a functional Congress! And we have identified seats all over the country that we can — will — flip. With your help!



P.S. Only 44 days till the next vote to shut down the government. Well… Jim Jordan’s a reasonable guy!


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