James Comer and Jim Jordan are nutcases

Under pressure from their far-right members, House Republicans want to impeach Biden. All they need is a good reason. Strike that. A reason.

They don’t have one yet, but that didn’t stop Speaker McCarthy from “declaring” an impeachment inquiry. (He didn’t have the votes to pass one.)

But now, committees headed by two of the worst nutcase GOP chairmen, James Comer and Jim Jordan, will be looking for something, anything, that resembles something that could seem like a real reason to impeach.

My guess is it will have something to do with his surviving son, Hunter. 

We’re in for a more-than-year-long battle, folks. And it’s scary.

Midwest Values PAC has been part of the fight since I started MVP in 2005. This coming election is, frankly, frightening. And I hope you can help us in this fight for our very democracy.

Please help us help candidates up and down the ticket as we always do.  



P.S. You know they’re going to draw a false equivalence between their fake impeachment inquiry (and possible impeachment) and the very real Trump indictments. We’re in a fight for our democracy. Please help!

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