I’m in California with my daughter’s family and helped get the kids — Joe, 10, and Avery, 7 — ready for school.

Grandkids — Joe, 10, and Avery, 7

For many Americans, this is back-to-school week. And for millions of parents, it means a continuation of day care for their pre-school kids.

But that care may soon end for 3.2 million children if Republicans in Congress have their way. 

As pandemic stimulus money for child-care programs expires this month, not just children and their parents will be affected, but so will the economy. Parents will have to either figure out other arrangements for those kids or reduce their work hours or leave their jobs altogether.

Here are statistics you don’t hear a lot. The average European country supports day care to the tune of $7,000 a year per child. The figure for the United States? $500. 

But Republicans are not only attacking our child-care system. As they prepare to impeach President Biden for a yet-to-be-determined reason, a wave of federal programs passed during the pandemic are set to expire. Millions (maybe tens of millions) of Americans would lose their Medicaid coverage. And Republicans are targeting food programs like WIC. (That would be food for Women, Infants, and Children.)

We need to take back the House and hold the Senate. Midwest Values PAC is determined to do that. And we need your help.


P.S. We face a challenging map in the Senate, but also a great opportunity to take back the House. With your help, we can hold the first, win the second, and re-elect President Biden. Thanks for all your support!

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