I’m going to be honest — finally!

OK. That subject line. That was a joke.

That’s the value-added for being a supporter of Midwest Values PAC.

But to be honest, MVP does need your support so that we can continue to help so many progressive candidates around the country.

Because I keep my ear to the ground, MVP had an amazing track record this cycle. We almost pulled one out of the hat by maxing out to Adam Frisch, who came within about 500 votes of beating Lauren Boebert in Colorado.

I hope you can help MVP support, identify, and support candidates who know how to take it to the nutcase right.


P.S. That included supporting winning races in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, and Wisconsin! Against total nutcases and almost total nutcases!

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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