A Romantic Donor Appeal

There’s nothing more romantic than political passion. That’s why I’ve always found that Valentine’s Day is the best non-legal holiday to make a request for your support for Midwest Values PAC.

As you know, the political map facing Democrats in the Senate in 2024 is a lover’s nightmare. Okay. That’s not quite right. Or, frankly, even appropriate.

I apologize. 

The point is: Republicans have only 10 seats up — all in deep red states. Democrats have more than twice as many on the ballot — a big chunk in battleground states like Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Because Republicans won’t have to spend to defend their incumbents, they can put all their money into attacking our incumbents. In fact, Republicans are already running negative ads against them.

Your donation means we can invest in battleground states and help Democrats win races not just for the Senate, but for governor, secretary of state, and state legislature — just like we did so successfully in the last cycle.

And, once again, my apologies for my inappropriate remark above. That was completely uncalled for!


P.S. I also apologize for leaving out how much I love my wife Franni this Valentine’s Day after 47 years of marriage! But at least that gives me an excuse to make another ask.

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