Stormy Daniels received a check from Michael Cohen for $130,000. To shut up. Cohen also paid $50,000 to Trump’s doorman who had (bogus) information on a supposed love child Trump fathered. Trump reimbursed Cohen, not with a check for $180,000, but for $360,000. That’s because Cohen would have to pay income taxes on the $360,000. Because, you see, he wasn’t being reimbursed for extortion payoffs — he was being paid for “legitimate services” as Trump’s lawyer.

That’s a crime.

They already have seven jurors. The friggin’ trial could start next week! This thing could be over in a matter of six to eight weeks.

Trump says he wants to testify. That’s what he says. I’ll bet his lawyers will have something to say about that. C’mon, Trump. Have some balls. It’ll be your word — the word of Donald Trump, a former president of the United States — against an adult film actress and a Playmate of the Year.  

Who would 12 objective jurors believe? A former president or an adult film star and a Playboy model?

Midwest Values PAC will cash the check when he’s convicted.

Unless he’s acquitted. In which case we’ll cash it then.

Either way Midwest Values PAC will use your generous contributions to support operations that are going to move the needle in critical battleground states in 2024. Just yesterday, we were on the phone with a group that focuses on training Native American candidates and turning out the vote in Native communities. This is what we need your dollars for!


P.S. In the case of a hung jury, we will also cash your check.

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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