Yesterday was a great day because justice prevailed. Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts.

Today was a troubling day because in a press conference from the scene of the crime, the presumptive Republican nominee for president said our system was rigged.

Donald Trump has done nothing but divide this country since the day in 2015 when he came down that escalator and described Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers. Today, he repeated that calumny, saying that the immigrants entering our country are coming directly from foreign prisons.

Right now, polls indicate that we will have a close election in the fall. And, in fact, many show the felon with a slight lead. Midwest Values PAC is doing everything we know how to avert the catastrophe of another Trump presidency.

I’ve written to you many times about the investments we are making to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. But there is no race more important than the one at the top of the ticket. Which is why our biggest investment will be in ground game in the battleground states that will determine who our next president will be.

Right now, those states appear to be Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. I hope you can help us fund phone bankers and door knockers.

The election is now just over five months away. If there was ever a moment that underscored the existential importance of November 5th, it was today’s demented screed.

Thank you for your attention.


P.S. You know the deal with these postscripts. So, I’ll cut to the chase. Please help!!

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