Tomorrow is the last day of the quarter. Before you say, “Here comes another end-of-quarter email” — wait! This time, I’m turning it over to Ashley:

Hi, it’s me again! Ashley! From time to time, I take the pen (or should I say keyboard!) and write a little something for Al. Today, the day before the end of quarter, is one such occasion.

Some of you think I am a “conceit,” which Al explained to me is an often-unconventional literary device intended to provide intellectual delight.

I don’t really understand what he’s talking about.

But I understand what an end-of-quarter email is — a very conventional “ask” for money.

Well, I, Ashley, am proud to make an “ask” on behalf of Midwest Values PAC. Because what I’m asking for is support for the great work that MVP and Al do to elect the good guys.

C’mon! I think you get enough of these to know all the great things that MVP and YOU helped accomplish this past cycle. Let’s do it again!!!


P.S. Al has instituted another device in these emails. The P.S., which enables him, or, in this case, me, Ashley, to make another ask. How about $25? Hell, I’m Ashley. I’m not shy! How about $100!!!

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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