A Funny One for a Change!

I want to talk about abortion. 

Somehow, we have a judicial system that allows anti-choice militants to cherry-pick a radical anti-choice judge to make a decision to outlaw medication-assisted abortions in this country based, not on science, but on his own religious, anti-scientific views about what is and isn’t best for women.

How did that happen? Well, in 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Matthew Kacsmaryk, an anti-abortion zealot, to be the only judge in the Amarillo Division of the Northern District of Texas. 

So of course, the plaintiffs incorporated The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine in Amarillo and filed three months later to challenge FDA approval of mifepristone. Smart, huh? Wish we had one of those!

Once the case was filed, there was no question how Kacsmaryk would rule, though he made some lame attempts at appearing to do due diligence. But his decision to outlaw the drug is riddled with legal and factual errors. For example, he ignored data that mifeprestone is safer than taking Tylenol. Of course, how would he know that, unless he looked it up or something?

Let me get to my point. This happened because we had a Republican President and a Republican Senate.

This cycle, 23 of the 33 Senate seats that are up in 2024 are held by Democrats or Independents who caucus with the Democrats. The 10 Republicans are in solidly Republican seats. That means we have a tremendous fight on our hands.

Midwest Values PAC will be supporting Senate candidates by funding them directly and by supporting ground game as we have done very generously the last several cycles.  

We are proud of our recent support in Wisconsin on behalf Judge Janet — including my trip there last fall to speak at a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Association for Justice.

MVP will fight for justice on every front — I’m almost positive. Sometimes we can spread ourselves a little too thin. But you get the idea.


P.S. On second thought, there’s nothing funny about abortion. But this does give me another chance to ask you to support our efforts.

Midwest Values PAC supports candidates & causes that share our values.

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