Yay, Colorado Supreme Court!


It looks like the Supreme Court (The U.S. one) is going to have to decide some stuff that will dramatically affect the presidential election.

To wit: Whether Trump has immunity from prosecution because he was president when he committed the alleged crimes. Whether the January 6th trial would constitute double jeopardy because he had already been tried (and acquitted!) in his impeachment trial. And whether Colorado can really keep him off the ballot.

The answer: I don’t know. Except on the second one. Which is a definite “no.” I think the first one is a “no.” Because Neal Katyal said it would be, and he was once the solicitor general. The third one—I have no idea. Partly because I haven’t heard Katyal weigh in. And also, it does seem weird to keep someone off the ballot because they’re accused of a crime (even one he’s clearly guilty of.)

Hey—not my decision. It’s up to the 6-3 Supreme Court. Which is a reminder about how critical this election is. If Trump is elected GOD FORBID), he may very well pick the next Supreme Court Justice. Just another reason why Midwest Values PAC will be investing heavily, like we always do, on ground game in the battleground states.

I hope you can help MVP before you’ve spent your last dollar on Christmas presents.


P.S. Don’t get me wrong. I want SCOTUS to uphold the Colorado decision. But Colorado won’t decide the election. It will be decided in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. MVP will be investing as much as we can in those states. I hope you can help us out!

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