Why I Hate Ted Cruz

I’ve often said that I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.

That’s just one reason Midwest Values PAC just maxed out to Rep. Colin Allred’s campaign to unseat Ted Cruz.

Allred grew up in a household headed by a single mom, and went to Baylor on a football scholarship, then played five seasons in the NFL before sustaining a career-ending injury.

Then off to law school and a career as a civil rights attorney before deciding to run for Congress. And winning.

Now, after three terms in the House, Allred is taking on Cruz, and CNN has said that his race is one of the few possible pickups for Democrats in the Senate. A pickup we may need to hold the Senate.

It’s no wonder that more Texans disapprove than approve of Cruz’s performance in the Senate.  You all remember his trip to Cancun when Texas was frozen under?

What most people don’t know is how useful a U.S. Senator can be on the ground during a natural disaster. As one of only two statewide federal officials, you have a large staff in your state and in D.C. If a water-treatment plant goes down because the grid goes down, you can get FEMA to send a diesel generator to get folks fresh potable water.


You can also reassure people. Let them know that they’ll be fully compensated for their losses in a federal disaster. It’s called giving people hope.


And you learn a lot about how great people are during emergencies. Democrats and Republicans. 


To top it off, he was the leader of 12 Republicans in the Senate who schemed to deny Biden certification on January 6th.

Colin Allred has a real shot. My guess is that Trump will limp to the nomination, weighted down with multiple indictments and lose the general election, taking scum like Cruz along with him, and creating opportunities around the country for Democrats like we haven’t seen since 1976. But we don’t get there without your support.


P.S. Cruz was also a rabid COVID denier. Remember this classic Cruz “guarantee” from June 2020?

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