Well, the midterms turned out better than we had feared they would. Thank God! But there’s still stuff up in the air:

First, the Republican margin in the House (assuming they take the majority — which looks pretty certain).

Secondly, the Senate is still in play. As I write this, we don’t know the final results in Arizona and Nevada. But if we hold onto only one of them, the Georgia runoff will decide who controls the Senate. That’s why I’m writing you.

As you may recall, a significant share of Midwest Values PAC giving goes to UNITE HERE’s ground game operations. UNITE HERE is the union that represents hospitality workers, and for the past year they’ve been on the ground in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. This cycle, MVP was the first to give to them in Nevada and Pennsylvania. Some of you may have joined us for the Zoom fundraiser we did with their president, D Taylor, and Conan O’Brien. That raised over $500,000 for them! Thank you for all who helped.

UNITE HERE is headed to Georgia. Last cycle, they knocked on over a million doors between the general election and the runoffs. This year, the Georgia legislature moved up the runoffs. That’s why we so urgently need to get them the resources they need to put boots on the ground.

MVP will immediately turn your contribution around to support those efforts. As you well know, control of the Senate will determine, among other things, whether President Biden’s judicial nominees get taken up and confirmed.

Thanks again for all your support. Let’s win this for Senator Warnock and for our democracy.


P.S. I don’t think I have to tell you how important this runoff is. But I am saying it again just as an excuse to make another ask.

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