“We love you.”

It “will be wild.” That’s what Donald Trump told his supporters about his January 6, 2021, rally in Washington. And he was right. The rally was on the Ellipse, but he told the crowd to go to the Capitol and to “fight like hell.” And they did. Oh, and please remember that he waited three hours to tell his crowd to go home and that “we love you.”

Some thought this final act of his presidency would prove to be his last, yet three years later, we are facing the possibility of a second Trump term. 

So why am I writing this email to you? Because next January 6th, we will know who won the 2024 election. Let’s make sure it’s not Trump.

It’s time for Democrats to commit to doing whatever we can to prevent Trump from taking office. While we’re at it, let’s elect Democrats up and down the ticket, too. 

Please help me help candidates across the country! From state legislatures that are in play, to taking the House back and holding the Senate, to securing the fate of our democracy and re-electing President Biden.

Let’s do it so 2025 will be a happy New Year.


P.S. Oh, yeah. Happy New Year.

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