My Tucker Replacement Theory

A year ago, The New York Times enumerated more than 400 attacks on “The Great Replacement Theory” by Tucker Carlson on his Fox News program. Democrats, Tucker told his audience, are doing everything they can to replace white “legacy” Americans with immigrants of color who will vote for Democrats. Replacement Theory adherents gunned down 10 Blacks in Buffalo, 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, and 23 Latinos in El Paso.

As Tucker heads out the door (however temporarily), it is a good time to turn The Great Replacement Theory on its head and replace it with a new GREAT Replacement Theory! As white Americans, as a whole, become older and greater percentages of them retire, they will be collecting Social Security, and get their medical treatment through Medicare.

The fact is we need immigrants, as our nation always has. I would guess that practically every one of you is a descendant from someone who made it to this country from elsewhere and perhaps was not immediately welcome. And yet, somehow, here you are — a current (or former) supporter of Midwest Values PAC!

The vast majority of immigrants coming to America are younger.  And they are coming here to work, for education, and to live in a country more free, less corrupt, and safer for them and their children. They come for the American dream.

They will work and pay FICA and their other taxes and contribute to their communities. They will build and invent and be teachers and doctors and nurses, taking care of all of us old white folks (and the rest of you old non-white folks too!).

They will be The GREAT Replacement! And they will be great (with a few duds).

As we head into this debt limit fight with the Republicans, it’s important to remember how flat-out crazy they are. They are now proposing cutting the $80 billion of new IRS funding in the Inflation Reduction Act, funding that the CBO has scored to raise hundreds of billions in more revenue to help pay down the deficit! 

The Republicans are on their heels. Let’s keep punching!


P.S. This cycle we have a chance to replace a lot of them!  Please help!

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