Mostly, because of horrible events. Uvalde. Roe overturned. The January 6th hearings. Although you could argue that the third has been pretty fantastic. 

And then there’s the amazingly fantastic event from this past weekend. Senate Democrats passed the most significant piece of legislation since the Affordable Care Act. The $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act raises taxes on corporations and super-wealthy individuals, bolsters the Affordable Care Act, allows Medicare to negotiate with pharma, and makes a $390 billion investment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 40% over the next eight years.

After Sandy Hook, we in the Senate were unable to pass a compromise gun background check bill, even though a large majority of Americans supported it. The NRA announced it was “scoring” the bill, and my chickenshit/chicken/shitty Republican colleagues caved. Now, thousands of mass shootings later, a few still chickenshit/chicken/shitty Republicans saw that it was in their political interest to do something.

You saw the 60-40 results of the Kansas abortion referendum this past week. That’s what happens after the 6-3 SCOTUS majority finally caught the car.

As for the hearings — Fox News anchor Brett Baier called Trump “horrific,” confusing many easily confused Fox viewers. And, no wonder. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has turned, turning loose the editorial pages of his Wall Street Journal and the New York Post on The Orange Menace.

And now, there’s The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which will lower prescription drug and energy costs, invest in energy security, make our tax code fairer, and bring down the deficit. And it may even reduce inflation!

All of this gives us the opportunity to add U.S. Senate seats, win key governors’ races, and defeat nutcase MAGA candidates for secretary of state in key battleground states. Midwest Values PAC is playing in all these arenas, and I need your help!

The more you donate, the more MVP can target key races. If we can add just two Senate seats, we could very well be able to institute meaningful voting rights reform in time for the 2024 election cycle. And build on this past week’s historic legislative achievement.



P.S. Besides your generous support, I ask that you put yourself out there. Many of you have jobs and families. Ignore them! Get on the phones! Get on the doors!

P.P.S. Or just donate more!

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